My Love of Writing

My very first diary!

I have always been writing in a journal every since I could remember. My family members would get me a new one almost every year and I remember my cousin giving me a beautiful beaded journal that has the moon on it with stars and she said she knew how much I loved to write so she thought it would be perfect for me. I love writing and I always have. I remember getting a diary from my mom when I was 10 years old. It has roses and cuddly bears on the cover. The entries are laughable because my spelling wasn’t great (still isn’t) and I mostly talked about my crush. Such a tough life at 10 years old haha. I now have a shelf full of journals I’ve collected over the last 18 years. Some are blank because I just loved the way it looked and are almost too pretty to write in but some are packed with entries and drawings that I have done over the years. It’s pretty interesting to see how my handwriting and drawings have evolved over the years! I have one shelf completely full of journals and that’s not even all of them. Some are stored away because I was running out of space on my bookshelf! Once we move I plan on making an entire wall of bookshelves in our designated office space!

For a little backstory, I really fell in love with writing when I was in college. I didn’t have many close friends at school and tended to focus on my classes more than my social life. It was also when I realized how much I loved to write! I ended up joining the school newspaper and took more classes in journalism. It was such a great experience to see the things I wrote in our newspaper, not that a lot of people read it but it was still something I looked forward to seeing. I then interned at a publishing company where I wrote a cover article and a couple press releases. I am currently working at that publishing company but I haven’t written any articles yet. I have asked a couple times but no cigar. I’m not giving up either!

I know I am on the right path to becoming a writer but it looks like it will take a little longer to get there than I would like. During that time I will be writing here a lot to get some more practice and become comfortable with writing to the public. I am really looking forward to the future and will continue to work towards my goals!