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Gratitude: Week 2

I’m a little late on my weekly gratitude but I figured I would do one really quick. Last week was hectic and crazy so this is probably going to be more of a funny post than inspirational. Especially because I felt like I was losing my mind last week.

1. RedBull

To get me through the days I was ready to fall asleep at my desk. I got a 4 pack on Tuesday and finished it by Friday. I’m going to try not to drink it this week because I don’t want to rely on it!

2. Advil

I sit at a desk all day and I’m happy I don’t have too much of a physical job but last week I had a lot of running around to do around the office. I’m an assistant so my day’s can get pretty hectic. I had a combination of back pain and migraines but thanks to Advil I was able to keep the pain under control.

3. Kate Spade

When I get stressed I usually do one of two things: stress eat or retail therapy. Thankfully last week Kate Spade had a flash sale AND 25% off her already sale items. So needless to say I gave in to some retail therapy and got a new wallet in this beautiful stone grey color that is basically the same color of my bridesmaid dresses and a new purse that is red and I was able to get the tag monogrammed with my new last name! Red and grey were our wedding colors so it was hard to pass up! Plus my best friend has the same wallet so I just had to match haha.

4. Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes

I’ll admit I am way to lazy when it comes to taking my makeup off at the end of the day. My husband and I will usually make dinner, do the dishes, catch up on an episode of something and then head off to bed. I’m very happy for the facial wipes because I don’t have to think too much about removing my makeup from the day and as soon as my head hits the pillow, I am out!

5. Alcohol

Does this one even need an explanation? 🙂


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